All Day Menu

Turkish Breakfast Board 26.5

Fried eggs with sujuk served with olives, feta, tomatoes, cucumber, jam, honey & kaymak, Tahin pekmez, borek & Turkish bread

Menemen 22.5

Turkish style scrambled eggs cooked in fresh tomato, long green peppers and onion. Topped with feta & bread
Add Sujuk Mozzarella 3

Çılbır 18.9

Poached eggs with garlic yogurt, baby spinach, and sujuk topped with chilli butter & Turkish bread
Add Avocado 5

Turkish Omelette 22.5 (VO)

Open omelette with sujuk, 3 cheeses, herbs & Turkish bread

Signature Smashed Avocado 16.5

Heirloom tomato, whipped feta, pistachio dukkah, pomegranate molasses & sourdough bread
Add 2 poached eggs 6

Green breakfast bowl 23.9 (GF)

Kale, broccolini, cucumber, quinoa, grilled haloumi, avocado, roasted seeds & nuts, poached egg
Add smoked salmon, grilled salmon, grilled chicken 6

Ricotta pancakes 23.5

Banana, berries, passionfruit, nuts, mascarpone and maple syrup
Add bacon ice cream 3

Gozleme 17.5

Spinach & feta or Mince lamb, spinach & cheese

Breakfast Bruschetta 23.9 (DF)

Grilled sourdough topped with bacon, fresh tomatoes, avocado, basil pesto sauce & poached eggs

Organic toasted granola 18.9 (V)

Seasonal berries, kiwi, banana & vanilla bean yoghurt
Add coconut yoghurt chilled acai 5

Summer bircher 17.5 (DFO+1)

Oats with pear, banana, berries, dried fruit and nuts 

Rose bay roll 17.5

Smashed avocado, grilled haloumi, rocket and a poached egg on a brioche bun

Bacon & egg roll 14.5 (DF, GFO)

Fried eggs, bacon & tomato relish on a brioche bun

Eggs on toast 14 (DF, GFO)

Your choice of eggs on toast
Roast tomato, spinach, feta 4.5
Haloumi, avocado, mushrooms 5
Bacon, smoked salmon, sujuk 6

Toast & spreads 7

Brasserie bread – Turkish, Sourdough, Quinoa, Rye, Gluten Free+1.5
With condiments
Hanks Jams – Triple Berry Jam, Seville Orange Marmalade, Peanut Butter, Vegemite, Nutella

Raisin toast | Banana bread | Croissant 

Ricotta & Honey

Lunch Menu – from 11:30

Lamb tandir 25.9

Slow cooked lamb, Turkish freekeh kisir salad, mixed pickles and hummus & pita bread

Grilled chicken thigh 24.9 (GF)

Eggplant, Aleppo pepper, tomato, smoked labneh chimichurri sauce 

Turkish grilled kofta piyaz 25.9

White beans, red onion, sumac, parsley salad, babaganoush & Turkish bread

Grain salad 22.5 (GF, V, VE)

Freekeh, quinoa, carrot, kale, cabbage, cucumber, seeds, nuts, smoked labneh, pistachio pomegranate dressing
Add Grilled Chicken or Grilled Salmon 6

Grilled peach salad 22.5 (GF, VEO)

Summer purslane, watercress, goat cheese, walnut, lime
Add Haloumi Grilled Salmon 6

Fish of the day 27.5

Grilled Salmon, broccolini, asparagus, green pea, dill & freekeh

JEZVE salad 22.5 (GF, V, VE)

Quinoa, beetroot, carrot, kale, cabbage, cucumber, seeds, nuts, babaganoush, pistachio pomegranate dressing
Add Grilled chicken or slow cooked lamb 6

Wagyu beef Burger 24.5

Cheddar, lettuce, onion, pickles, onion, aioli & beer battered chips

Grilled Chicken Burger 24.5

Summer slaw, avocado, tomato, Chilli mayo & beer battered chips

Beer battered fish & chips 25.9

Jezve tartared & salad

Crispy beer battered chips s 7 – l 8


Pita bread, olive oil, zaatar 9.50
Hummus, babaganoush dip plate, pita bread 14.5
Grilled broccolini, muhammara, walnut, parmesan 16
4  Falafels, pickels, tahini sauce 15
Pita bread 3.5